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Express Ranches Cattle

Express Ranches, based in Yukon, Oklahoma and Cimarron, New Mexico is a multi-faceted beef production entity that is involved in all aspects of the beef production system.  Currently ranked number one among seedstock operations in the United States with nearly 6,000 registered Angus, Limousine, and Lim-Flex cattle, Express Ranches is also involved in the commercial cow-calf, stocker and feedlot sectors of the industry.

The acquisition of New Mexico's historic UU Bar, Mora, and Urraca ranches, has added over 168,000 acres of high altitude rangeland to the Express Ranches organization.  The New Mexico ranches are home to a commercial cow-calf production unit, a bred heifer development program and 1000 yearling steers each summer.  Express Ranches bulls will be used to breed the commercial cows and yearling heifers which will allow testing of Express genetics under the semi-arid, high altitude conditions of North Eastern New Mexico.

The Ranch in Cimarron offers bred heifers, range-ready bulls, and market cattle.  The Ranch is proud of its heifer development program and prides itself on a high conception rate in its cow herd. 

Express UU Bar Ranch offers a unique franchise seedstock marketing program.  Founded in 2001, the program promotes partnering with key cattlemen across the United States to promote and to enhance the genetics of the Express bloodlines.

For more information regarding Angus and Limousine genetics that balance moderate birth with structurally sound, eye appealing cattle that offer excellent growth and carcass merit, please find more information on the Express Ranches website, or contact us here at 575-376-2035.