Leisure Activities

Whether you come to the Express UU Bar ranch for a week, a long weekend, or even for just a day, we have an activity to fit every taste. 



Shooting Sporting Clays is something that everyone who has ever picked up a shotgun should try. Bring your own shotgun or rent one of ours. Hitting one of those fast moving saucers as it flys away from you is, to say the least, challenging. If you bring your own gun, Range Rental for one person for 25 clay targets is just $30.00. Additinal shotgun shells can be purchased at the lodge office for $20.00 per box. 

Our 400 yard rifle range is located directly across the street from the sporting clays. Spend a half day on the range and test your shooting skills for just $20.00 for 2 targets. 


For those of you that enjoy the western landscapes but want a quieter experience, we offer guided UTV tours. Follow the famous Santa Fe Trail, enjoy an exciting wildlife tour, or investigate one of the historic homesteads on the mesas. UTV tours should be scheduled 48 hours in advance. Suburban's are used for larger groups. Tours are 3 hours long and include water, a snack, and a guide for just $70.00 per person. 


Calling coyotes with a varmint call is an art. To call one in close enough to even get a shot takes, time, patience, remaining absolutely still, and nerves of steel. But the exhilaration when you finally get one of these wary predators in range is worth all the frustration. A guide is required for hunting varmints on the ranch. Prairie dogs, coyotes, and foxes are fair game. This is the most fun you can have if you like shooting sports. Prices vary depending on the package you choose. Please call the office for pricing.